Let down?? Hell no! Not yet!!!!

 Well, after a couple of years of recording and a couple more months of planning my coming out as a musician party, the big day finally came and went. I must admit there was a little bit of trepidation about feeling really depressed and let down after all the dust settled. I am relieved and happy to announce that so far, so good. No crippling depression as of yet. Perhaps the dust is still settling, but in all honesty I feel relieved. I was so nervous about performing at my party and I managed to get through the performance with out too many obvious mistakes. It was great having friends help me with the performances so I didn't have to be up there alone. I was feeling the love and support from my audience and I was happy with the turnout and the diveristy of my guests. Everybody seemed to have a good time. Even a little dancing happened and my youngest guest (an adorable 17 month old girl) stole the show with her dancing and coming onto the "stage" ( my driveway in front of the garage) and helping out with the back-up vocals. 

So what's next? Hopefully I can coerce my daughter (filmaker extraordinaire) to shoot a couple of music videos for me and get a youtube channel started. And then of course,  I am really chomping at the bit to get back in my studio and start on album number 2. I already have ideas for a new song with partial lyrics already written, and some ideas for a new arrangement for an older song. Yay! Can't wait to get on it!


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