My Religion

 Ah Nature! What words can I use to describe it that do it justice? It is my muse! A huge portion of the lyrics I've written are while I am somewhere natural.....the beach, the mountains, and probably the desert too. I guess that kind of explains why my lyrics are chock full of metaphors using references to, sand, sun, trees, wind, etc......When I am out somewhere in nature it is the easiest place for me to be fully in the moment, rather than worrying about the future of fretting about the past. Isn't that the best way to the moment? It is not always easy. Our culture seems to be packed with distractions that constantly take us out of the moment. For many of us, being in the moment is something we have to make a conscious effort to do and it just doesn't happen naturally very often for us. Ocassionally we might find it happen without trying and somehow those are the moments that often shine and burn in our memories......almost like a religious experience! To me,being in the moment is a religious experience and I don't know how anyone would be able to adequately describe what they think "God" is, but if I had to start somewhere.....I would start with nature.When I am in nature that is when I am most able to feel like there is something bigger out there than our own precious little ego and we are all connected to it and to each other. Nature is an uncanny combination of predictability and chaos. We count on the sun rising and setting everyday, and the seasons follow a general pattern year after year, but then a tsunami comes and wipes out a city, or a hurricane tears through multiple states leaving behind unbelievable destruction. That is how life is for us here on this planet. We can take certain things for granted and get stuck in our predictable little rut, but then some crazy thing can come along and turn our world upside down. Ultimately the only control we really have in this world is how we decide to interact and react to it. I guess that is why being in the moment is so important. That is when we are really alive and wasting time not being alive, well, it really does seem like a waste. OK enough preaching....I finally decided to write a song about nature and it is what I like to refer to as my praise song for nature.....It is called "My Religion" and it is my first new song that I am working on for album # two. It may be a tad bit corny, but it is a praise song so that is to be are the lyrics......

My Religion

Wading through the stream with a cushion of moss for my toes
Reeling from the damp smell of earth till that's all I know
The afternoon light is whispering through the trees
Wildflowers on the side of the path up to my knees

Walking through the woods.....It's my religion
Playing in the surf.......It's my religion
Desert's starry sky......It's my religion'
Sun upon my skin.......It's my religion
Sometimes it's just too much and I'm moved to tears

Sky's so big I feel like I could see for years
The sun goes down and the wind rises with my fears
Rustling in the night, I can hear the call of the wild
Storm passing through with the drama of an angry child

Cotton candy clouds watch the seagulls flying by
Sun sinking low, soon to be orange sherbet sky

The sound of the waves, they ease away my pain
Sand in my hair, I don't care, I don't wanna be tame


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  • Rachel Fay
    Rachel Fay
    Love those lyrics! Especially that last line! Keep making songs; I love you! XO

    Love those lyrics! Especially that last line! Keep making songs; I love you! XO

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