Ramshackle Life

Well, it's been a while. I have been keeping busy and am getting pretty close to finishing album #2. I have decided on a title...."Ramshackle Life". It is also the name of one of the songs and it really seems to sum things up. Yep, I'm pretty weathered and wrought with many imperfections but I'm still standing. I have to admit that the tone of this album is a little on the downer side...though there is a bright spot here and there. I almost considered naming it " Headed Back to Hell" but I figured it's time to break with the whole hell theme or people are gonna start thinking I'm some kind of devil worshiper.....especially when you take my last album cover into account. Yep, I've had to deal with some hard stuff over the last couple of years so that is going to be reflected in my songs, there is no way around that. Just try to bear in mind, that for me, I get my best inspirations when I'm dwelling in the dark side and writing it down kind of helps bring me back over to the light. Catharsis! Some of the best art there is comes from a really dark place. For me it is kind of like making lemonade out of lemons. If I can get a decent song out of the pain, then somehow, the pain was all worth it, because for me there are very few things that rival the feeling I have when I am creating a new song. That said.....just know that when you hear this new material....I am not clinically depressed and barely hanging in there.....just trying to turn my ugly feelings into something beautiful. There are eleven new songs I have written over the past couple of years and two old gems from way back. Originally this whole solo album project was all about getting down a recording of the many songs I have written over the years and never managed to record, but when an inspiration for a new song comes along....I can't put that aside, so this is going to be an ongoing project. At least I know if all my inspiration dries up....there are still a good number of songs from my past that I can focus on....kinda like digging into my savings account to keep it going. By April, I will be in the mixing down phase....so how ever long that takes!

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