Fairy Dust

We made so much fairy dust, so excited I could bust

Lifted our hands up to the sky, manna from heaven saw with my own eye

The road is bumpy, the trek is rough, believed in magic it was not enough

So we scattered into the wind, felt so shattered but it's not the end


A miracle is what we need to loosen the grip of this endless greed

A miracle that we create with our love that trumps hate


Gathered together like a small city, standing in line where we chose to be

Sending nickels sending dimes, hearts overflowing till we lost our mind

A new messiah to save the day, now I feel like we've been led astray

Now we're wandering in the wilderness, needing more but getting less


Like a religion with the guilt and shame, felt like a zealot that had gone insane

A missionary that was me, with all the answers to set you free

Now I'm quiet, not much to say, cross my fingers and pretend to pray

I've got my shovel, I got my spade, planting tomorrow while there's still shade