Street Lights
Street lights stronger than the half moon 
Lighting up the heavy darkness 
I can hear my voice echoing back at me 
See my eyes staring deep inside me
Not even I have the privilege to know me 
Looking outside someone needs to show me 

Feet getting cold standing in the water 
Drinking up a memory 
Branches hanging low teasing me with sunlight 
Too afraid to go so I’ll stay here till the moonlight 
Not even I have the privilege to know me 
Looking outside someone needs to show me 

Everything is crystal clear 
But it’s the angle I fear 
Look a different way 
The lines begin to fade 

Hum of an engine singing in the background 
Can I rise above the murmur 
Bridge hanging low do I dare to cross it 
Walking real slow cause I’m too afraid to rock it 
Not even I have the privilege to know me 
Looking outside someone needs to show me 

My life is a week old cartoon
This will all be a memory soon 
Everything passes by 
Like clouds sailing  through the sky 

And this cycle continues 
No matter where I am 
Laughing in the mirror 
Find a way to understand 
Life goes on 
Whether or not you have a plan 

In this world I’m a speck of dust 
And they’ll always be room for me I trust 
Like a star in the darkest night 
And I‘ll fade away without a fight 

And this cycle continues 
No matter where I am 
Laughing in the mirror 
Find a way to understand 
Life goes on 
Whether or not you have a plan 

It goes on and on and on and on and on........ 

Don’t tell me what to do  
Don’t tell me what to say  
Don’t tell me what you want  
I do things my own way  
You tried to change my mind  
You tried to tame my soul  
You tried to tie me down  
Stop trying to run my life  
Cause all I have is me and knowing that sets me free  
I don’t wanna own you  
But I still wanna be with you  
Cause everybody knows  
That a soul’s as free  
As a butterfly  
A life is never free  
A life can never be  
A life is just a dream we have  
This fact I’ve grown to see  
We’re trapped inside a shell  
We learn to know it well  
We get so attached    
It’s just a living hell  

Not Afraid  
I’m not afraid to walk alone  
Anywhere I go I can feel at home  
Life can be so easy when I’m free  
Unattached things are in focus for me  
I can find reality in my dreams  
Life is never what it seems  
I can feel the power in my mind  
When I’m by myself that’s what I always find  
And the picture is clear when I’m standing back  
When I move into close I start to over react  
But I can still give and I can still love  
I get my inspiration from the stars above  
Anyone can walk the path inside  
Like clinging to a raft unshaken by the tide  
Listen to the voice inside your head  
Don’t assume the role of being led  

Love is Not Enough  
Love is not enough for me 
Can’t we strive for honesty, understanding 
I don’t wanna play another game 
It will end up just the same 
End up loosing 

Love’s so demanding 
I tried to love before 
I’ve always searched for more 

Living in your dream world all the time 
Fairytales contaminate your mind, open up you eyes 
Idealist can’t you see the light 
You’re just wasting all your time 
With your foolish lies   

Blood in the Sand  
Something happened not sure what 
Woke up reeling, gashed and cut 
I think it had to do with you 
Reached the limit of what you put me through 
There’s an aching in my gut 
Dizzy from the same old rut 
Moments of peace of mind are few 
And your apology is overdue 

Grayness settled to the earth 
Fogged the mirror of my worth 
I find myself believing lies 
To carry on this life that I despise 
You brought about my second birth 
Now I see it’s just a curse 
I look for answers in your eyes 
All I see are alibis 

For a moment it felt like the whole world was ending 
Waves crashing down on me 
The mountains were crumbling the skies they were falling 
An explosion inside of me 
Leaving a trail of blood in the sand 
My heart’s still beating, in your hand 

Day turned to night but the moon was shy 
Distant stars were my only light 
And you turned away but it wasn’t ok 
Will this heart ever mend torn apart by the wind 

You’re floating on the clouds and you’re tossing on the sea 
And there’s nothing I can do but watch you shiver and freeze 
I’m trying to protect you from afar 
But it’s a vain attempt and I’m starting to tire 
You know I’m starting to tire, I’m getting so tired 
I’m trying to crawl and keep my place 
In this cockeyed parade we call the human race 
Part of me is missing and I’m trying to cope 
How can I save you when it’s me who needs a rope 
I’m the one who needs a rope, somebody give me a rope 
I’ll see you on the other side….. 
I see you in your struggles and I wanna lend a hand 
But if you pull too hard I might lose myself again 
I try to be strong and I try to be tough 
But the waters they’re too rough 
The waters are too rough, the waters are so rough

Doing it For Myself
Not trying to win anyone over 
Not hoping to see my name in lights 
Just a pressure release from this time bomb inside me 
A little song and a dance to make me feel alright 
Just doing it for myself…… 
Singing out to feel sane and escape all the madness 
It’s like a massage turned inside out 
If you wanna join in it might make you feel better 
And if you can’t sing go on and just shout 
Do it for yourself……. 
How could we survive without any music 
On this big ball in space only to exist, oh no! 
While we’re all stuck here might as well join the party 
You gotta join in the dance I have to insist 
Come on and do it for yourself……..  

Being Alive
It’s an ancient sleep that beckons me 
It’s the tears I weep that bring harmony 
Cuz being alive means feeling the pain 
Having the drive to remove the stain 
Somewhere along the path comes joy, hearing the song from a distant shore 
Seeing the light in the darkest cave, finding my sight and denying the grave 
Cracks are forming on my face 
Years of storms I can’t erase 
But I can take it all in stride 
I can even fake my pride 
Memories fresh in my mind, start to mess with my sense of time 
I finally know just who I am, survived the blows and I understand 
Night will fall won’t close my eyes 
I’ll take the call and claim my prize 
The deepest cavern of my soul 
A key I hide that makes me whole 
It seems this dusty trail won’t end, I’m growing frail I could use a friend 
Building castles out of air, no more hassles I’ve had my share   

I Needed  
The moon came out to play but I couldn’t stay 
I needed to wander till I found the light of day 
I needed the sun blinding my eyes 
I needed the warmth, I needed the light 
I needed to see things clearly 
The dream world and the shadow taking flight 
The stars put on a show but I had to go 
I needed to find a place of shelter from the ice and snow 
I needed to feel the coming of spring 
I needed to thaw, I needed routine 
I needed to end my hibernation 
Time to re-create a scene 
No guessing anymore 
Feet planted firmly on the ground…….  


Roommates With a Pornstar  
Nobody told me it would be this way 
No one explained to me the games you play 
Now I find myself in disarray 
I gotta lick my wounds and face the day 
Running in circles in the dark of night 
To many reasons lost my use for sight 
Hiding in shadows sheltered from the light 
Only have memories of my will to fight 
I guess you could say I almost lost my mind 
Begging the universe please be kind 
Reading the cards and hoping for a sign 
Trying to catch up with my lack of time 
Now I’m roommates with a porn star 
And the last tank of gas in my car 
And I’m driving with my eyes closed 
But I’ll get there I know